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To celebrate this joyous occasion, we have compiled a decade of brand experience into a single book. Please contact us to receive yours and here are a few glimpses of it as a start.


There are different ways to look at branding and it is certain that we have a very different one.

It is fascinating to imagine the journey of a brand that starts with an idea from an entrepreneur. Personality, interests, and environments bring to life ideas, leading to a project and the first version of a brand, followed by ongoing cycles of brand innovations.

Our ambition is to observe the phenomena of branding, practice branding, and unveil the principles of branding. Here are a few observations about the growth of branding in China gleaned over the past years. Labbrand’s 10th anniversary is an excellent occasion to compile and share our experience with you.



2005-2008 Milestone

Vladimir Djurovic creates Labbrand, an agency that focuses on brand innovations
Labbrand opens in M50 Creative Park on Moganshan Road in Shanghai, China
Labbrand adds Olfactive Identity offering
Naming team visits Tuscany to exchange knowledge

2009-2010 Milestone

Labbrand presents ‘Semiotics of Taste’ at ESOMAR Qualitative 2010 in Barcelona
Labbrand further strengthens its core offerings by adding brand strategy talents to the team
Labbrand creates new wine retail brand Everwines for Torres
Labbrand creates the Chinese name 漫威 [màn wēi] for MARVEL

2011 Milestone

Labbrand celebrates new office with Crazy Lab Party and a signature scent
Labbrand launches another innovative platform The Brand Checker to enhance global linguistic check for brand naming
Labbrand organizes company trip to Cambodia
Labbrand works with Durex to develop new innovations for the brand

2012 Milestone

Labbrand launches new visual identity
Labbrandians travel to Phuket
Labbrand works with LinkedIn to create 领英 [lĭng yīng]
Labbrand works with Audi to decode storytelling, a key megatrends for brands in the future.
Labbrand establishes digital strategy department to power brand innovations online and offline

2013 Milestone

Labbrand wins Independent Agency of the Year
Labbrand features in Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler, a leading reference used by brand builders on a global basis
Labbrand works with Marriott to create its digital brand roadmap for the future
Building an award-winning brand for Legrand
Logitech appoints Labbrand to create a Chinese brand tagline and manage its digital strategy

2014 Milestone

Labbrand organizes Semiofest 2014 in Shanghai, bringing the “Celebration of Semiotic Thinking” to Asia for the first time
Labbrand CEO Vladimir Djurovic named Agency Innovator
Labbrand wins 4 prestigious awards at Transform Awards APAC
Labbrandians travel to Bali
Labbrand helps Opple Lighting to expand in the global market
Labbrand works with ClubMed to create Joyview, a new type of resort that offers urban consumers a chance to experience premium short holidays in China
Labbrand works with Renault to create the alphabetic name KADJAR for its new crossover

2015 Milestone

Labbrand expands to Europe and opens Paris office
Labbrand Day – Retro Shanghai themed Chinese New Year Party
Labbrand creates Chinese brand name and localization strategy for Première Vision
Create a culture of honesty – Labbrand helps The Honest Company to expand in China
Labbrand celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary!

You are one step away from getting the full version of our year book...


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